Botanical Perfume



~While the behind-the-scene-elves are bustling, please find some limited offerings in my Etsy shop~

verdant faerie perfume

Verdant Faerie offers elegant, botanical perfumes inspired by the faerie realm.  Sublime  perfumes created with highest quality, mystically sourced, 100 % natural ingredients in the classical French perfumery method with a magical flourish.  No synthetic fragrance materials or animal materials are used.  

Gambol into the realm!

“Come away, O human child!  
To the waters and the wild,
with a faery hand in hand…”  
~ William Butler Yeats



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2 thoughts on “Botanical Perfume”

  1. Doreen created a fantastic fragrance for me. I was a big fan of Vetiver by Guerlain, but it seemed like the formula had changed, and I really wanted a true vetiver scent. The scent she created is perfect for me. It’s citrusy and aromatic to start off, with a rich, warm vetiver oak moss scent to finish. It lasts quite a long time too!

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