Go On, Bogart The Solstice Light!

May you soak up the returning light to the depths of your beautiful being and shine, shine , shine!  Step into the light, Baby!  For when you sparkle, so does the world. 

A solstice wish from NamasFae Yoga….

FullSizeRender 6.jpg

The Green Tara – Most dynamic Goddess of Compassion!  Right leg extended, signifying she can jump into action, left leg folded into contemplation.  A perfect integration between being and doing. Be love, do love.

May you find yourself loving you.  May you love you first among all things, in both action and contemplation.  May you soak up the returning light to the depths of your beautiful being and shine, shine , shine!  Step into the light, Baby!  For when you sparkle, so does the world.

Views of the studio…

A peek of the yoga room from behind the tree
FullSizeRender-2 copy.jpg
Our Funky Tea Salon
We practiced back there last summer!
Laughing and falling out of Ardha Chandrasana (Half-Moon Pose)
Jack Frost yoga 1.jpg
Using a friendly tree as a prop.

The wild and beautiful faerie heart in me,
honors the wild and beautiful faerie heart in you.

The light is returning…



New Digs!

After a year of Free Range Faerie-ing I’ve got a new place. An actual, physical home and studio. I’ve settled in Three Oaks, Michigan. How’s that for a faerie name?


Just wanted to share my news.

After a year of Free Range Faerie-ing I’ve got a new place.  An actual, physical home and studio.  I’ve settled in Three Oaks, Michigan.  How’s that for a faerie name?

It’s an artsy small town on the southwestern tip of Michigan filled with friendly folks and only 3 traffic-less miles to the nearest forest.

I even have a job at the cozy  Acorn Theater.  (Another faerie name.)  Where I am meeting great people and filling my life with music.

I’ve forgotten how much effort goes into running and setting up a home!  (So I haven’t been in the writing/perfuming/or social media-ing much.)

Truthfully, it’s been a bit stressful and exhausting with February behaving downright weirdly for me.  How’s your February?

But Missy’s been a great help…

Here’s an vintage chair we scored.

Missy awaits her fragrance consultation
Shoving it in the Mazda
The Shenanigans she puts up with!


And then the other night…
I am sleeping and curious noises, giggles and the tinkling of bells, drift from the studio. Flashes of color and the scent of rose and loam fill my dreams as I explore an old victorian mansion filled with creatives and jokesters. At dawn I wipe the sleep from my eyes to discover the perfume/writing studio all put together.

Like this…


Let’s see how long I can keep it tidy.

AND I’m excited to offer yoga classes again!  I’ve decided to keep the beautiful living room as a yoga room…  (My class schedule is right here on the Verdant Yoga Page).

View of the sun drenched yoga room
Missy checking out the Michigan Floor (that is what that style of wood laying is called)


Finally here is a glimpse of the view from the backyard.  What is seen from the studio window…

What grows in that field?

I’m thinking fire pit and sunset dinners…

Settling here completes a goal for the first quarter of 2017 and the second quarter goal of this year’s Celtic calendar.  It also satisfies a life-long curiosity of life in a small town.  So yay me!

Never too late to make a change…

Got any great moving stories?

As always, thanks for visiting, dear Reader.




Why I Love Teaching Yoga In Gyms!

Why I love Teaching Yoga In Gyms

Sometimes the hype gets pretty thick around yoga.  With so many different styles to choose from and places to go to practice.  And yep, things can get a touch combative about what kind of yoga is the best or even what is real yoga.  Well down dog it – why are we arguing about yoga, of all things!?!?  Namaste that!

It is disappointing to me that yoga in gym falls under negative fire.  Often being put down and even being blamed for the ruination of yoga! There is ample room for yoga in studios, gyms, schools, offices, parks, airports.  The list goes on…    I want to step forward and point out how great yoga in a gym can be.

While I love practicing yoga in yoga studios with the blowing curtains, pretty colors and lights, serene atmosphere, and wafting patchouli incense….  Mmmm.  I sincerely adore practicing in gyms too.  You can find expert instructors in both places.  What’s important is getting on the mat and following the breath.  Take that journey inward through body/mind connection.


I have a very fond memory of a yoga teacher saying in her beginning of practice centering comments – “For some of you, your yoga mat is the one and only place that makes sense.”   “Yes! That’s me!”  I thought.  And to me it doesn’t matter whether that mat is in a gym with weights clanking and music jamming in the next room or in a “proper studio.”

When I began teaching more classes I was very focused on teaching in yoga studios.  I taught in some studios and some gyms.  But as time went on I discovered I am super happy and grateful to be teaching in gyms.  (My teaching schedule is on the Yoga page of this site, you can buy a single pass or package for any of these locations.)

First, I love the energy in the gyms.  My teaching currently takes me to four different gyms.  In my experience, the front desk crew are always upbeat and helpful.  There are diverse activities happening in gyms creating a  lively vibe.  As an instructor, I find management supportive and trusting, giving me tons of freedom to, “Just do your thing!”  There is a light and positive energy in the gyms I work.

Cheetah Gym    - Sunrise Yoga.
Cheetah Gym Edgewater, Chicago – Yogis watching the sun rise… Sunrise Yoga.

And I LOVE my students.  Though they have chosen to practice in a gym instead of a yoga studio, (thank you for coming!) they embrace yogic philosophy and get deep into their yoga work.  Above is a group of Sunrise Yogis at Cheetah Gym in Edgewater.  They are up and practicing at 6:00 am – such dedication and inspiration!

While we do not chant Om in my yoga classes, or learn the Yoga Sutras in a formal way (this is because of what I choose to teach) the students are still committed and open to taking an inward journey of the spirit and body – embodying the core tenants and transformative aspects of yoga.

Edgewater Athletic Club, Chicago – Saturday and Sunday Mornings
Edgewater Athletic Club, Chicago – Saturday and Sunday Mornings

Above you can see my beautiful yogis at Edgewater Athletic Club, Chicago in deep practice sandwiched between a pool and a cardio room.

Ok, so yes, sometimes there are distractions at the gyms; noise and visuals.  Well, I LOVE THIS!  It is a time to go inside and focus on yourself.  To rise above the distractions.  Even embrace them – to accept and incorporate these noises and smiling children at the pool as part of life.  Yoga is about being in the moment right here and right now – and life can be filled with such distractions.  The practice of yoga need not always be precious to yield results.  And sometimes the distractions are simply great for a laugh.

Air Fit River North, Chicago – Aerial Yoga Community Class, Sunday afternoons.

Additionally most gym yoga classes are multi-level.  Personally I find it wonderful to look around and see various krama (progressive level) of the pose being expressed, as they are in this photo taken of my aerial yoga class at Air Fit.  I feel it’s positive to observe yogis both more and less advanced than me when I practice.  It can help me to see a seasoned practitioner’s expression of the pose for I can observe and absorb the evolution of the pose.  It also reminds me that the magic of the pose is at play, regardless of the practitioner’s experience.

Air Fit River North, Chicago – Aerial Yoga Community Class, Sunday afternoons

Finally gyms provide a place for folks to practice that may be a touch more affordable.  And sometimes people would not be inclined to try yoga except for the fact that it is part of their gym membership.  Consequently they fall deeply in love with the practice.  Plus, plus, plus.

ID Gym, Chicago – Aerial Yoga, floating blissful savasana

And did I forget to mention community?  There are plenty of delightful, sincere friendships made and shared at gyms, just like yoga studios.  Above is how we end each class at ID Gym, savasana.  A bunch of good hearted souls hanging out together in this deeply restful and restorative pose. Blissful savasana – happening at a gym, or yoga studio, or rooftop, or senior center, (etc.) near you!