Getting Connected at the Acorn Theater in Harbor Country Michigan


A little blog I wrote, published on the Harbor Country Chamber of Commerce website about the Acorn Theater in Three Oaks, MI.  My home village…

By Doreen Stelton

To feel enveloped in a welcoming place with friendly folk. You know this feeling? You know it. We all share it. That desire to connect with others, to get social and commune.  Perhaps even sharing a deeper experience together, basking in the beauty and mysteries of life. For a lifetime, a day, …

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The Heart Journey Gnome – Maryland Faerie Festival – 2016

The wee faerie houses themselves seemed to whisper, “open the door, open your heart, open to mystery, magic, the fae arts.”



Sprawled under the hydrangea bushes.  Late spring only, but the heat says otherwise, sayin’ summer already.  There is Lulu, reflecting momentarily on the turn of event.  The event?   Gettin’ with your gnomies…  At the Maryland Faerie Festival.

Thoughts and images flood…  Remembrances…  Treasures…

First, to commune with the faeries tenting is key…  For in the tent you hear the faerie wild rites surging and glittery faerie glam seeps through the zippy fabric into dreams.

New Gnome

But who could sleep with all this ruckus?  And the music, sometimes eerie sometimes tribal, always magic.

Delicate Gnome Village of Seaglass

It was at the drum circle that the Faerie Festival Queen announced that a gnome was missing.

Let The Wild Rumpus Start!

Despite the late night, at dawn Lulu is up and  Unicorn-led.  Onwards through a sparkle chandelier lit crystal curtain to a village of wee fae homes inhabited by kindly faeries.  Going where???  In search of what???  The stolen Gnome???

Sweet Stardust the Unicorn and his yellow fae, Rawbin.
Pixie the Faerie Goat
Chandelier of the Seelie Court
Enter the Faire

The wee faerie houses themselves seemed to whisper,  “open the door, open your heart, open to mystery, magic, the fae arts.”



New Gnomes For Sale
Faerie Houses for Wee Folk by talented Rena Damskey

Yet the voices of these two rang most clear (in a singsongy pixie way.)

“Seek ye the tree.”
“To the tree with thee.”
Darling Mother and Daughter Gnomes Holly and Shirley

Some fae folk clapped their hands and pointed with staffs.  “This way and that.”

But with all the delightful distractions, staying on course, of course, which course?, is there even a course? as tricksy as a faerie path.

Dinosaur Rides? Yes, Please!
Spark the Fairy
Spark Creates Faerie Hair!
Magical Sundries!
Honey Cat Jewelry Ladies
Tempting Faerie Jewels by Honey Cat!
Yoga Yurts
And Psychiatric Help?  Why Ever Not!

Other more mysterious messages came from ever more mysterious fae folk.

Mischievous Tricksters…
Creatures of the Unseelie (Dark) Court…


And Shane with the Kind Eyes of Mythical Designs by Miscellaneous Oddiments.

There were gnomes everywhere.  Near trees…



In trees…


Wearing trees…


And gnomes that claimed to just be “Thinking of trees…”


But it was Wedji TuCheeks the Goblin who led to the purchase of a hat.


Wedji TuCheeks the Goblin.

And the brilliant musicians that sold her the flute that truly set Lulu’s course

David of the House of Musical Traditions
Faerie on the Psalter


Eyes closed, ya’ know, Lulu wears her hat and plays the flute.  Magical notes play.  The melody like rivulets streaming sing.  Stardust the Unicorn hears and heeds the calling thus whisks her to a flowery meadow.  Sliding off his back she encounters the tree.  Now so small she opens the wee tree door and slips in and down the very roots of the tree where her special gnomies wait for her in a crystal hall.  Vessels of sweet ambrosia and faerie cakes await (but she knows better than to eat any faerie food, ya’ know).  The fireplace crackles with delight.  The gnomes whisper strange words that both sooth and astound.  And Lulu just knows, ya’ know, just knows to sit and soak it all in…

The Maryland Faerie Festival is an annual weekend long event.  I highly recommend this Festival!  Here is a blog I wrote about the Festival last year when I was quite new to blogging – Maryland Faerie Festival 2015

Thank you so much, dear reader, for experiencing this blog.  Will you attend any festivals this year?

TBT and Magical Steeleye Span

Loving Your Fiend

Me circa 1980, Ren Faire days

Last weekend I had the pleasure of seeing Steeleye Span live in Chicago.  I don’t go to many live musical events but this I couldn’t pass up.  A trip into my past with my dear friend, Jean (heartfelt thanks), with whom I worked at the Ren Faire singing Steeleye Span songs circa 1980.  Steeleye Span did not disappoint.

IMG_1842 IMG_1841

Their music was phenomenal, still, and Maddy Prior’s voice was richer with her maturity.  If you are not familiar with Steeleye Span, they play old English and Irish folk songs done in a modern way.  Some of the songs are cheerful but many are dark and deep.  Like the old fairy tales.  The venue was packed with passionate fans.

Unknown-3 images-7

In a song intro, one of those dark ones, Maddy Prior referenced Jung.  Wow!  Who does that?  But I think this is a major part of why I was so drawn to them as a teen, and why they are so powerful today.  The songs and stories are intensely evocative, rich, sometimes dark and transformational. Magical…  I’ve always been drawn to the magical side, dark and light.  Even as a teen, those dreamy, powerful days, between childhood and adulthood, I was a somewhat odd child and young woman (you can see it, I think, in the photo above.)  Before life’s bumps sadly taught me to shut-off some of those magical avenues.


Later they played King Henry.  Listen to the song with lyrics here.  (I like this version because the lyrics are posted.)  A song about a fiendish beast-witch from hell who appears in King Henry’s hall with ghastly demands.  King Henry chivalrously obliges each horrific, bloody request, even taking her to his bed and finally marrying her.  In the morning she is revealed as a beautiful lady.  His chivalry, love, and willingness transforms her.  Despite its dark side, the song IS humerous!


I am drawn to this song for its expressiveness and musicality  (ripping, rough, fiendish guitar with Maddy’s haunting back-ups.) but also for its magical transformational theme.  It’s about accepting and even loving our own deepest fiendish self.  The fiend representing the beastly part of Henry is separated out, when he welcomes her in there is wholeness, unity (marriage) and beauty.

In part the power of faerie and folktales, and these songs, is that you don’t even need to intellectually understand the transformational symbolism.  The stories just resonate and do their magic.

By the way, if you love this sort of thing you will love Myth and Moor.  The website of Terri Windling.  She writes of folk and faerie tales and life.  On Mondays she features music.

And what else?  Jean and I got to DANCE WITH MADDY PRIOR!