I Still Believe

I still believe in you, heart.


The heart…

Deep purple-red and regal flicking as a fire queen.  Fierce loving.  Verdant rich with honeyed ambrosia like the slip of an absinthe sylph undulating the Anahata Chakra of the Heart – green.  Full loving.  Yellow like the gleam of sunshine splashing the earth’s flora and your beloved’s flesh at day’s end.  Golden light love.  And pure like the scent of a rose, a lone and potent stalk of lavender, the crystalline lily.  The scent of love.  All these things.

I still believe in you, heart.

Over lunch my friend asks, what was the most valuable thing I learned about people from teaching drama to children for 17 plus years.  I can answer in a flash, because I cherish this lesson, what I learned.  What I saw and experienced.  It is that the heart is good and loving.

Closing eyes, and resting hand on heart, you may feel it.  Even though bruised and clumsily veiled.  It is.  Good and loving.

I’ve experienced it in children.  Witnessed it in my adult yoga students too.  I asked them to put hands on hearts, their own hearts, and saw bodies soften, auras shine.

Anyone can prove me wrong.  Sure.  Easy-peasy.  Logic slashes and shreds in endless lists of horrid misdemeanors.

But maybe…  What if…  I refuse to let my mind lead me astray with these thoughts.  Hold onto power.  Don’t give it away.  Because it really can become dreadfully veiled with dire consequences.  Just sit and feel my heart.  And watch my mind.  Keeping it on my heart.

And from there I open my eyes and go out in the world and listen and really see.

And then I act.

Yes.  I still believe in you, heart.

Will you join me?




Love And Kundalini Prelude


I’m almost finished with Part II of the Kundalini blog.  Read Part I here.  Whew, taking me awhile.  In the meantime, here is a little prelude.  A happy story for you!

When I taught drama in elementary school, I frequently had the kids up and dancing.  Moving and shakin’ it with wild abandon.  Or shaping dances of their own design.  They liked it plenty, but I perhaps loved watching them  even more.

In kindergarten I had an activity involving a drum.  The kids would sit on the stage floor as still as possible with eyes closed.  Very challenging for a 5 year old.  Lots of anticipation.  I would begin to play a hand drum with a slowish quiet beat and chant, “Energy’s moving in your bo-dy, energy’s moving in your FEET.  Just your feet.  Moving your feet.  Let.  Your.  Feet.  Move with the energy.”  I would then direct the energy and movement to the legs increasing the drum beat steadily.  This would go on till the drumming was frantic and loud and their entire little body was moving, eyes would fly open and the dancers would spark alive with energy busting out all over.

Unknown-1They’d go at it for awhile till they started dropping.  Then I’d bring them back down, head to toes.  Slowing the beat till they collapsed spent on the floor.

After we would place our hands on our hearts and feel it beat.  We’d observe how the drum beat was like our hearts.  I’d ask them, “What does your heart feel like?”  You can imagine the utter heartbreaking sweetness of their answers.

My favorite answer ever was, “It feels like fun.”


Dear Reader,  please close your eyes and put your hand on your heart?  What does it feel like in there?