On Becoming

Invisioning Roses……. Eau de Parfum

On Becoming

A Nose, A Fae, A Free Ranger

While carefully packing up all by bottles and perfumery supplies.  I thought, “Who does this and likes it?”  It occurred to me, it is perhaps not the norm to give up a home and just start scooting around hither and thither with an 8 year old dog and more perfume supplies in a car trunk than clothing.  Dreaming to be an faerie perfumer and to live in beauty and enchantment.

But it’s me.  That’s who likes it. Me myself and I.

There’s no knowing how this story will end.

Yet, I have managed to finish my course of study at the Natural Perfumery Institute 


and I’m getting my beloved enchanted verdant faerie perfumes out there.  The verdant faerie Etsy store launches Monday and I’m exhibiting on Sunday, April 24th in Chicago at InVision.   Woohoo!

Click here for information on the event.

Meantime I contemplate.  I dream.  I invision.  I feel.

I feel how I feel when I perfume.  It connects me to self.  Rose today, right now, how about that?  Sandalwood and Fossilized Amber, tiny droplets escape air-born before the beaker captures.  They flitter inside me – yes like a faerie – how do I feel?  This perfume composition, Invisioning Roses, today it lingers on my wrist for 6 hours, transforming and enticing, langorous.  Yesterday it zipped keenly through me elven, quicksilver.  I feel how this feels.  It brings me now.

And, oh yes, I am on the road, here also finding beauty and kind supportive souls, uber kind friends.  This too brings me home to self.  Finding self on this nomadic perfumed faerie journey.

And sometimes there’s fear and panic.  Of course.  But my mermaid self dives into the pool of emotions, and here, also, I am.  I ground myself and I invision.

One day, maybe soon, I’ll settle down again.  Linger with some Brownies (the types of faeries who protect and help with home and hearth).  But for now I’m a free range faerie type.  And it’s mostly beautiful, and all me.

My wild faerie dream…

I hope you have a wild faerie dream too, dear Reader.  And that you find yourself Invisioning and outbeing that dream.

Here are some pics from my stay in Maryland!

Faerie Mist
Secret to the BEST  manhattan, shhh…
Lunch in Annapolis
Morning Walk
Smell Great – Name Unknown
Breathless, Literally
Lulu’s Free Range Faerie
Wondering if I should tincture this….
Wall Flower  (Shrinking Violet, TeeHee)
Touristy pic of the state capital, but there’s flowers!

Thank you for visiting here!  May you find beauty and Enchantment.


Fae on Friday – Gnomes and Friendships!

IMG_6346.JPG“A friend is a loved one who awakens your life in order to free the wild possibilities within you.” ~ John O’Donohue

Happy Fae on Friday!

Today I am thinking about friendships, new and old.  Their treasure…

Writing from Maryland where I am visiting with long-time friends and where I met these gnomes in the homes of a new faerie friends.  I felt a tiny (just a teeny-tiny bit) bit guilty running off in the middle of the week to play when I maybe should have been working…

But I was reminded how important it is to connect and savor the friendships.

Coincidentally, I was working on the description and art for my soon to be released perfume Anam Cara (April 24th and 25th).  Which means soul friend from the Celtic tradition.  The poet and philosopher, John O’Donohue, writes rhapsodically about the meaning of Anam Cara in his book of same title.

Here are a couple of pics from my wild gnome day of friendship and Anam Cara…



A beautiful Family home turned bed and breakfast.  I loved touring the rooms – beautiful!
 Here is the link!  Bayfields Bed and Breakfast.  Highly recommended!
More new friends.
My new friend, Rosie, wandered off to pasture on her own.
The sisters, Holly and Rawbin,  and dogs walking back through the woods after collecting Rosie.


When we return, Maryland Faerie Festival‘s Unicorn is neighing a hello to Rosie.  (click here to find out about the festival.)  Or read about it in my blog – click here Maryland Faerie Festival 2015.  Can you see her on the left?
A quiet spot to contemplate Gnomes, Mermaids, and friendship…

May your days be filled with friendship and love!  And share this blog with your Anam Caras!

Free Range Faerie Telepathic Blog


The Magical Telepathic Blogs

If you’ve used your telepathic abilities you would “know” all of the blogs I’ve been writing in my head (and not here.)  You’d know all of the beautiful and inspiring things I’ve seen and thought as I travel around, wanting to share…  The doubts and revelations…



You’d know of my beautiful Michigan blogs, about where I re-learned to love the quiet of winter snow.  My companions were pines, dunes, Lake Michigan, my perfumery studies and of course, Missy.

(no wifi, which was kinda nice.)





Maya Riviera


Of surf and sunshine with my dear mom and some little plastic faeries.  Where I realized relaxing is different than just being calm.

No Missy.  😦

(no wifi at the beach, real nice)IMG_5576.jpg



Mexico City

 I’m sure you loved my pictorial blog about the oodles and oodles of jaw-dropping art and architecture in Mexico City.  A whirlwind tour with my parents and their company, Mexi-Mayan travel.  Mexico City and its surrounding area  is chock full of treasures!

(Too busy for wifi – surprisingly nice!)






And didn’t you just devour the Chicago blogs? Highlighting more art and architecture.

But most importantly the blog written from my south-side Beverly, artist garret celebrating the completion of my course of study at the Natural Perfumery Institute.  Hooray!




Finishing two perfumes… Dusk Blossom and Invisioning Roses

(And becoming most shamefully addicted to Game of Thrones… no blogging, urp.)


Go Fund Me

AND then the blog announcing the crowd sourcing campaign to raise money for the verdant faerie scent salon start-up!

The world really is full of wonder and kindness and support.  It took me a good 6 months to a year to have the guts to come out and ask for this help.

You know that demon that shouts repeatedly, “NO, YOU ARE NOT DESERVING!!!”  The beastly voice that keeps you from creating and sharing your gifts…  That ogre, claws embedded in my shoulder, mouth hot in my inner ear.  But I kept dreaming and invisioning.  Walking in woods for inspiration.  Yoga for peace and aerial silks for strength.  Visiting faerie realms while drowning the horrid voice in Bulgarian rose absolute.  Enchanting the monster with Sandalwood and tiny dancing plastic glow-in-the-dark faeries.  Washing clean in Lavender and Neroli.

And finally when I was ready, support was there!  And I am grateful and humbled and joyful…  (And still accepting donations.)

Go Fund Me Verdant Faerie

Maryland Now


 Here I am surrounded by Lulu’s faeries, loved ones, cherry blossoms, Missy and the verdant faerie perfumery.

IMG_6300.jpgIMG_6282.JPGIMG_6312IMG_6311Look at these new packaging supplies!

Elegant 5 ml bottles for precious perfumes, and dried rose petals, just because….The rest of my supplies will arrive soon, and I will have a thrill of a lifetime blending my perfume formulas.

The official launch date is April 24th at a live event at Invision, in Chicago and with an Etsy store.

It will be a simple start regarding labels and that sort of thing.  But I feel confident in the magical perfume blends and in the quality of the ingredients I will use.

More soon about the opening!  (NOT telepathic.)

Non-Telepathic Blogs

Well, I still hope to write those blogs, and lots more, in case we are not telepathically linked.  And still on the move.  But I am totally open to a rendezvous in the faerie realm as an alternate to blogs or telepathic communication.  Just lemme know.

Dear Reader!  Thank you for visiting!


Free Range Missy

Lucky Leprechaun – Fae On Friday


Lotto Frenzy

A number so big I’d have to stop to think about how many 0’s.  The Powerball Lotto…

Word is that most people who win crazy big, loose it crazy fast, winding up in the same state as they started.   Mayhap in the landscape of their psyche they cannot except it as part of their reality, hence they never figure out what best to do with all that green.  Failing to fully perceive themselves as a truly abundant creature.

Wisdom of the Leprechaun reminds us to make use the windfalls we are given.  Perhaps monetary or perhaps they are gifts of love, friendship & family, creativity, time, health, nature…  Stop for a moment and name for yourself three  personal winnings, large or small.

How can you make the best use of the gifts you are given?  Right now!

And, if you are getting a ticket(s) – I wish you the luck of the Leprechaun.

Happy New (Word of the) Year


little sleepy gnome,
dreaming beauty amidst your hearts of rocks,
fly up, float up, peace up!
the world is waiting for your song.

Do you have a theme for the year?

For the past several new years  I’ve done a contemplative internal unveiling  with intention to settle on a single word as a theme for my year.

I ask myself –

What would I like more of?  How can I be of use to loved ones, the world, and myself?  What will bring me closer to my beauty and truth?  What are my secreted dreams?

I light a candle, perhaps burn some incense, definitely anoint with some scents (today – jasmine concrete and frankincense), meditate,  beseech my higher self, and read faerie cards.


And then I listen to that feeling in my gut when I consider the options.  What gives me that certain feeling –  a spark of excitement.

“Action” Is My Theme!

The above little altar montage is my manifestation inspiration.

What are your plans for the year dear, Reader?  I’d love to hear them! What sort of ‘ceremonies’ do you practice?

I wish you all your dreams come true!


Missy’s idea of a good time on New Year’s Eve!


Elf Loaf!

Remember reading The Triolgy (Lord of the Rings) and wantin’ some of that Lembas (elf loaf)?  I remember family road trips, staring out the window imagining I was riding a horse through the woods, my pack equipped with Lembas.  And maybe natural perfume…

For a Fae On Friday change I thought I’d share a recipe that is Lembas worthy.  And its paleo, vegetarian, gluten free, high protein, super easy and delicious.  I’m faerlie obsessed (snigger).

FullSizeRender-3 copy 4.jpg

Elf Loaf
Heat oven to 350 degrees.

6 eggs
1/3 C olive oil
2 tsp salt
1/2 C each (raw): 
sunflower seeds
pumpkin seeds
ground flax seed
sesame seeds
hemp hearts
Mix together above and pout into a parchment paper lined loaf pan. 

Bake at 350 degrees for 45-55 minutes.
Let cool, wrap in Mallorn leaves (or wax paper).

I love this bread plain, or  with unsalted grass fed butter, cheese, honey, or avocado with smoked salmon.  Fantastic with tea!  And Faerie Magazine!    A wonderful Yule Loaf!


FullSizeRender-3 copy.jpg

How about you dear Reader?  Did you pick at your crumbs imagining they were precious bits of Elf Loaf?

Wabi-sabi Faerie – Fae on Friday


Wabi-sabi Faerie

Wabi-sabi Faerie wants you to celebrate the aesthetic of beauty in life’s imperfections.  Revere the patina of wear and tear.  Contemplate as exquisite the irregularities of construction and deconstruction.  Through this reverence Wabi-sabi Faerie urges you to open to serenity found in spiritual longing, your incomplete, imperfect self.  The rhythms of life.

Wabi-sabi is a world view or aesthetic from Japan.  The process of finding beauty in what is imperfect or incomplete, rather than the disappointing search for perfection  By recognizing this beauty around you, you recognize it in self.  Wiki has this to offer – read here.

I found this little faerie in the park, half buried in the dirt.  Filthy and worn, displaced from its human child companion.  Non-precious, plastic material at start, now faded.


Observing this object with reverence, I recognize its patina of faded glitter and the transformed shape of worn edges.  Beauty in the process of deconstruction.  And more, I feel the beauty of the love, hope, and tender dreams of its previous care taker.  I experience raw and bittersweet elegance.

Wabi-sabi In Scent

My natural perfuming and aromatherapist friend Miriam, of Kindred Earth Botanicals recently wondered, “What do we do with all of these mods?”  A “mod, ” short for modification, is an experimental perfume creation.  One that the nose doesn’t intend to sell, it’s not perfect enough, yet of beauty just the same.

Perfume teacher and perfumer, Anya, of Anya’s Garden, Natural Perfumery Institute, advises a Milleflore.  Taking all those mods and tossing them together in a single multifunctional blend.  Use the juice for home scenting, hair scenting, the car…  Here is great beauty in imperfection.

I’ve written about the perfume Songbird before, created by perfume artist Laurie Stern.  Songbird is a sort of mash-up of all the scents that were on a “no” list for a perfume creation project.  She smelled the rejects together and loved how they smelled.  This scents became the perfume Songbird and one of her favorite perfume creations.

And of course, perfumes, like wine, can age beautifully.  Beauty in decay.  Like the scent of autumn leaves on the earth…

IMG_3871 2

Splash from the past, anyone?  Enjoying the Wabi-sabi feel (though not the scent) of this dusty old cologne encountered in a deep clean…

We Are Wabi-sabi

A process of beautiful construction, deconstruction, reconstruction and then more deconstruction again.  Dreams, hopes, and loves.  My physical body expressing these beautiful imperfections: for example my beloved messed up toe joint, my graying hair, the lines on my face.   Like you, I am nothing but perfect imperfection.  Looking around, the world glistens with beautiful imperfection.  You get it.


Missy and her Wabi-sabi case of toys