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Lost Antiquities Found

I opened Lost Antiquities Found on Etsy to find homes for some of the plunder curated by my parents and their colleagues on travels during the 1960’s through present.

My mother, Deb Stelton, is an artist and art historian with a fine eye for original, expressive, quality art.  She’s quite the gal, always up for adventure.  My father, Bob Stelton, is an educator and multi Fulbright Scholar recipient, a life long learner and sharer of knowledge.  Deb and Bob share a passion for travel, adventure, archeology, teaching, and learning.

Many of the places they visited were remote and challenging to access in the years they traveled. It was my pleasure to get toted around by them as a child and still as an adult. When we were young we often tented it and I spent more than one summer on archeological digs.

They operated – and still do – a tour company, Mexi-Mayan Travel. With this company they met many other avid travelers who loved their culturally enriched trips. Those fellow travelers became life long friends, and a small tribe of lively, passionate adventurers.

Besides having true respect and appreciation for the cultures and remote places they visited, they are tons of fun.  They are still arranging tours, although they have slowed down just a touch.  If you are interested in their trips, please let me know and I will put you in touch.

In the meanwhile – enjoy browsing!

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Deb and Bob circa 1990’s

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