Fae on Friday – Flower Faerie

Summer Blooming

I made this flower faerie!
I made this flower faerie!

Fairies, arouse!
Mix with your song
Harplet and pipe,
Thrilling and clear.
Swarm on the boughs!
Chant in a throng!
Morning is ripe,
Waiting to hear.

-William Allingham

Today’s Faerie is a summery flower faerie.  Now is the time to let your spirit blossom like summer flower.   (Perhaps you are in a wintry zone now- if so bring a summer feel to your heart.)   Wear something flowery or bright, gentleman this includes you!  Take some time to smell the flowers…



A couple suggestions for natural perfumes to wear in celebration (Thank goddess there are so many florals)

Visions in the Garden by Chicagoland’s Kindred Earth Botanicals.  Or Gracing the Dawn by Roxana Illuminated Perfume.

Flowers make Missy smile.
Flowers make Missy smile.

What’s your favorite summer flower?

Fae on Friday – Pixies

Our Friday fae is a pixie. The Pixies want you to play! Lighten up!

Pixie Led

Thumb Pixie (looking like Salvador Dali)
Clown Pixie

 Children born of fairy stock
Never need for shirt or frock,
Never want for food or fire,
Always get their hearts desire:
Jingle pockets full of gold,
Marry when they're seven years old.

Every fairy child may keep
Two ponies and ten sheep;
All have houses, each his own,
Built of brick or granite stone;
They live on cherries, they run wild--
I'd love to be a Fairy's child.

-Robert Graves

Goode Reader, take upon thyself  great silliness! - Me

The Fairy Wood by Henry Meynell Rheam
The Fairy Wood by Henry Meynell Rheam

Pixies want you to play.  Lighten up a little, laugh a lot.  (Yes,  I made the above thumb pixie.  I did it in a public park.  Can you see the scotch tape?)

Scent can be an inspiration on your quest for fun.  Go and be in the fresh air, revel in the scent.  Maybe you’ll roll down a grassy hill smelling of dirt and green.  Or enjoy the scent of something sweet and playful like fruity gummies (natural please). 

Natural Perfumes that may inspire the pixie in you include Aftelier new scent, Bergamoss.  A new Chypre on my wish list.  A perfume both forest-y and uplifting.  

Also recommended is Terrain from Velvet and Sweet Pea Perfumery.

Pixie and Missy Lead
Pixie and Missy Lead me on an adventure.

Happy Fae Day!  Tell me, dear reader, how silly can you get?


Fae on Friday, Mermaids


Since once I sat upon a promontory,

And heard a mermaid on a dolphin’s back

Uttering such Dulcet and harmonious breath

That the rude sea grew civil at her song.

Oberon,  A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Happy Friday.  Fridays will be our Get Your Wild Faerie Soul On Day.  Just in time for the weekend.  The faerie of inspiration today is mermaid.

Maybe you’ll spend some time at a beach for the weekend.  Or kayak, or tube down a lazy river, or swim in a pool.

Maybe you’ll just take a shower or bath!

By whichever water you find yourself,  connect to that dreamy fluid mermaid water energy.  Let yourself float.  Play with moving with and against the currents.

Whisper your wishes into the water.  Listen deep with your soul.  Let me know how the mermaids respond.


Fairy Oracle – Messages Of Guidance and Support!

Here is a lovely blog I just had to share! Enjoy!

Cauldrons and Cupcakes

Image from imgkid.com Image from imgkid.com

“You must try to have a positive attitude. It does not matter how small a person is. One can still change the future. Size is only a state of mind. You know – it is how you use your wits that counts. Nothing can stop us, if we put our hearts into it. Anything is achievable girls, anything at all!”
~ Nathalie M. Leblanc, Shrinking Forward

It’s no secret that I love Fairy Folk, nor that I have a very special friendship with a fairy called Sokli. (You can read more about Sokli here.) Fairies are often forgotten, as we look to the Angels, Guides and Spirit for help in our lives. Fairies like to provide support in practical ways. They encourage us to be kind to ourselves, each other and the earth. Sokli wants you to know that Fairies have their own wisdom, and are always…

View original post 1,727 more words

Maryland Faerie Festival 2015



Last weekend I went on a faerie hunt.   Joyfully attending the 11th annual Maryland Faerie Festival in Darlington, Maryland at Camp Ramblewood with some dear friends; Deb and her little daughter Lulu (The Dad part of the team, David, had to work work work.).  It was my first faerie festival!  And Deb and Lulu’s first camping experience (we stayed the night and camped right on the grounds).


Faerie Deb setting up her first camp

A little about the Festival, this from the website:

“The MD Faerie Festival is dedicated to providing atmosphere and entertainment inspired and informed by Faerie literature, folklore, myth, and of course the Faeries themselves. (Yes! We believe!) Through these things we hope to reinforce the values of love, cooperation, peace, and respect for all beings.”

“Maryland Faeries promote the stewardship of nature, outdoor education, and sponsor faerie artists, merchants and entertainment.  As a 501c-3 nonprofit organization, the Maryland Faerie Festival provides educational and outreach opportunities for groups whose mission also encourages love, cooperation, peace, harmony and respect for all beings.”

Camp Ramblewood, where the Fest takes place, is tucked in the scenic hills of rural Maryland among the woods and farms there.

Despite the wicked heat we had an amazing beautiful time.  Music and a Faerie Fashion Show, a wishing tree, a build a faerie house area and a May Pole, and many other family friendly activities abounded.  Art, dance, theatre, magic, and faeries were everywhere.  Unfortunately we could not make it  to all and moved at a very heat appropriate pace (slow).  I’ll just touch on a few of the things we experienced.


So the first thing was getting our faerie glam going.  Yes, we flitted  in on our gossamer wings all glittered up, but we were tempted to glam up even more with help from the exquisite creations of the many artist/vendors- masks, wings,  hats, horns, hairs, umbrellas…  and



Elven Ear sale Elf at The Elven Caravan


 Mythical Masks by Miscellaneous



The Hornie Lady! (horns and also a sci-fi publisher)

The costume selection is so great, one could completely outfit oneself right there at the festival with help from the vendors.  Lots of faerie glamour to be found!

Incidentally – The word Glamour comes from folklore referring to the way in which faeries would disguise themselves from Mortal eyes.  Or perhaps the faeries would glamorize some old dried leaves and sticks to appear as a sumptuous feast.  Interesting, eh?

The Festival warms the heart.  The many artists, entertainers, dancers (belly dancers!), writers, costumers and free thinking sorts wending their way through the world on their own terms – truly an inspiration.

One such magical creature is Mark P Donnelly, Gentleman & Scholar.  Mark was there with his “hobby shop” Canes Enable.


Mr. Donnelly’s scholarly knowledge of history and combat choreography is prolifically expressed in print and film.  Then he has this amazing umbrella and cane shop with antique and restored umbrellas and canes.  Less like a hobby shop, and more like a gentle museum of times gone by.  I regret my video of him demonstrating a relumbrator (oh, jeez, I think I botched the spelling of that name) did not come out.  It’s an umbrella where you push a wee button and it does this crazy dynamic opening thing.  Very Steampunk.


Mark P Donnelly showing an itsy bitsy umbrella for a grown woman from the mid/late 1800’s used essentially as a visor, since the user would already sport a huge hat during that period.


posing with the umbrellas

Additionally, I’m looking forward to burying my nose in author Ben Anderson’s fantasy novel The McGunnegal Chronicles.  A book developed from bedtime stories he told to his children.  Awwww.


Author Ben Anderson

I also enjoyed several of the many great live music acts!


New York based Frenchy and the Punk – stomping and shaking and spinning dancing at the Saturday night Faerie Ball.  Check out their videos.


Tower Green – Folksy medieval renaissance music with amplification.  Loved the hurdy gurdy!

We also enjoyed Wendy Rule – Notable and inspiring songs, with one about Little Red Riding Hood who decides she’d rather run off with the wolf, instead of run away from it!  Her site reveals she also leads magical online inspiring and empowering classes.  Those sound amazing.

The entire festival was alive with Goblins, Mermaids and Faeries of all sorts. Here is a little photo gallery.  I apologize deeply I don’t have names, if you have a name for a pic – let me know and I’ll add it!



Kind hearted and fun Jasif Jabobski (with Lulu)  –  Snake Swords Performer



Rawbin Heintz Anderson


 IMG_1881 IMG_1882

James McGrath – Goblin





Faerie art by ToadstoolsNTreestump


Faerie art by ToadstoolsNTreestump


and our Lulu…

Experiencing the festival with Lulu (age 6) really brought home the magic.  Seeing it all through her eyes…  What a wonderland for her.  She made a new friend, Sarah, they built faerie houses, listened to story tellers, and stayed up far past their bedtimes belly dancing at the Faerie Ball.

Here’s the thing.  When you are hunting faeries, you are really hunting yourself.  That magical part of you connected to spirit and earth through play.

An activity at the Festival encouraged contemplation of what sort of Faerie you are by which element you connect with.  Are you a water mermaid, dreamy and emotional?  An airy fairy with stories and imagination galore?  A fire sprite with passion and movement, or a grounded earth fey?

“What sort of faerie am I, auntie Doreen?”  Lulu’s face, all wide-open-book-to-be-read.

I hesitate, wanting her to claim her own faerie without my influence.  We look into each other eyes, and souls.  Anything is possible.  Hmmm, yes…  What sort of faeries ARE we?  There is magic.

And then later, the next day “What sort of faerie am I now?”  More magic.  And again, still later she asks, from the car at the airport, as we bid adieu.

Lulu, diving deep into her individual mythos and creating herself by play in this phantasmagorical world.  Ah Lulu, I’m back in Chicago now and you are in Maryland, in your faerie garden, what sort of faerie are you now?  What sort of faerie will you become?

I am filled with gratitude to all who dream and play.  To those who made the the Faerie Festival a reality.  My dear friends, Deb, David, and Lulu forever infinite thank youse. And of course a million gratitudes to all the festival goers – and especially the folks of the Maryland Faerie Festival.

Lovely faerie play houses…

IMG_1873IMG_1860 IMG_1859 IMG_1858 IMG_1831 IMG_1853 IMG_1855

So that’s all for now, my fey friends.  I leave you with a lace rainbow…


a wishing tree…


and some dreamy advice…


And now it’s your turn to fess up, wild ones!  Who wants to run away with the faeries with me?  Or who went and is going back?

Cute Dogs Smellin’ Icky Things And Jasmine

This is my dog Missy.  Cute.


This is her nose.  It gets stuck in a lot of unsavory places.


Missy loves to smell and smell and smell.  Snorting around and pawing at the dirt to get more of the stink up.  The stinkier the better.  Feces, dead things, pee.  Ya’ gotta keep an eye on her and gage her movements when she’s sniffin’.  What will she do?  Will she just sniff it?  Pee on it?  Eat it?  Roll in it?  All of the above? Maybe a combo. What is she seeking with all this sniffing?


Dogs have nearly 44 times more scent cells than humans.   Missy often carefully smells where she peed previously.  I think perhaps she is looking for information regarding her health.  Dogs can be trained to sniff out evidence of prostate cancer in human urine.  So maybe this.

Also definitely sniffing out some chow.  That’s usually the first thing.

Dogs can also smell fear apparently.  I guess they are scoping this out.

And probably a good time.  Dogs like to have a good time.

My last dog, Dodger, did not like most dogs.  She had ‘little dog complex’ and started a lot of fights.  But she did, however, fall tail over paws in love with Shadoobee, a big handsome gentlemen pooch.  Her ONLY love, and when she was a middle aged dog at that.  The first time she saw him she was already in love with him.  Jumping around and yipping in a most embarrassing fashion, like a teen girl at Beetles concert.  I think she had fallen in love with him via his pee scent BEFORE even meeting him.  Shadoobee’s human mom said he had this affect on all the ladies.

Back to Missy, sometimes it’s annoying to stop every couple of feet so she can sniff some peemail.  But, mostly I like to indulge her in her occupation.  The perfumer in me gets it.  Sniffing is satisfying.  However, her preference in scent I don’t really get.

Smellin’ butts for one thing.  Just not into it.

Although… wait…  maybe… In the world of  perfumery one the definable notes in scent is fecal.  That’s right.  Perfumers have a vast vocabulary of identifying aromas and one of them is fecal.  The scent of certain flowers has this fecal quality.  Yes, it is true.  Jasmine, for example.  And I LOVE jasmine.  Jasmine’s scent is a heady, narcotic, seductive, mix of floral and, yes, doo-doo.  The resulting combination is raw, beautiful, and dirty-sexy!


The esteemed natural perfumer and olfaction and flavor writer Mandy Aftel of Afetelier talks up jasmine far more poetically than me:

“Rich and warm, heavy and fruity, intensely floral, jasmine is almost narcotic in its ability to seize the senses and imagination.  Yet powerful as it is, jasmine refreshes rather than oppresses, possessing antidepressant as well as aphrodisiacal properties.

It is the intensely narcotic aura that strikes you most, though, inducing a sense of receptivity and surrender, almost of being ravished.  The feeling of intoxication derives from the fecal undertone that is the source of the yin-yang appeal of some of the most coveted perfumes.  The magic ingredient is indole, a major element in jasmine, as well as tuberose and orange flower, that is also found in human feces.  This odor of indole, reminiscent of decay, lends jasmine the putrid-sweet, sultry-intoxicating nuance that makes jasmine essences the same delicate aphrodisiac today as they were in the past.”

Ah, thanks for putting it just so, Mandy.  (By the way, this essay, Perfumed Obsession, was first published in the literary magazine, Tin House and can also be found in the fascinating book of essays about smell entitled The Smell Culture Reader edited by Jim Drobnick.)

So, if I love jasmine, maybe I do share Missy’s obsession?  Hmmmm.  I think not enough to do the circle dance.  In theory then.

And I just tried to get Missy to smell my bottle of precious natural jasmine concrete, and she turned her head with an injured look as if to say “Are you trying to poison me?”  This, from a dog who once found a pair of soiled underwear in the park, smelled them, and then immediately picked them up in her mouth, and ran willy-nilly with wild, gleeful abandon.  Icky, right?

Smell is a very personal thing.


Got any good dog sniffing stories?

Yes, I am a Magickal Faerie

midsummer-night-fairy 2

Do you ever wonder why it is you don’t exactly totally fit in?  Do you ever unroll your yoga mat to find glitter on it?

I have wondered this a lot.  “What the bleep is the matter with me?”  Is one of the more harsh ponders.  A preferred thought thread is, “Wait.  What is that wild feeling inside of me?  Maybe I should go dance naked on the dewy grass at dusk to feed it.” I have found glitter on my yoga mat. And I have always loved faeries a lot.


me (today) with a mural painted by my mother in our washroom circa 1960


me working as a water sprite in the Renaissance Faires circa 1980

After careful contemplation and thorough investigation I have come to realize I am part faerie.  It is the most plausible explanation for why I, am I.

more nymph

me being me

Little explanation here.  Human folks can just be human folks.  But some believe that sometimes non human or animal beings  – like the faerie folk can incarnate as humans.  Usually to help the planet and its inhabitants somehow.  They do so love this earth!   I know two mermaids and think I may have met another one last night.

When you stop to think about this and look around, you may catch glimpses of them.  Turn on your spidey-sense and you may realize that the odd little dude at the bus stop is some sort of gnome.  Or your kindergarten teacher who always took you outside for extended recess was, without question – an air fairy, known as a Sylph.

Another possible category of  incarnation is those who have faerie blood. In the times long ago faeries commonly mingled with human folk.  And naturally there was more mixing and inter-marriages.  And  babies.  Little half fey (an oldie timey word for of the faerie) half human babies.  Then for various reasons (this is a really cool rabbit hole to go down) the faerie folk removed themselves.  But there bloodline remains.

This is the category I believe I am. Although it may sound nuts – It is the only plausible and logical explanation I can find for who I am.  Once I came out of the closet and embraced my fey  nature, and fully embraced it…  Well, I can’t say it has made things any easier.  Life is so challenging, is it not?  But definitely more fun.  People have responded surprisingly well to it also!

There are many different types of faeries.  (another awesome rabbit hole.)  If  you like podcasts you can listen to these. It’s a great place to start learning about the different types.  Fiona Broome (now there’s a fey name!) a real serious faerie scholar.  Check her out here.

I am not sure of exactly what type of faerie I may be.  Probably some sort of a water sprite.  More seriously silly research is required here. How does this effect me? As a faerie I NEED to spend time soaking up the earth’s energy.  Hanging out in nature is key.  Visiting with the other faeries out there.  But I am not a cold weather faerie, so winter in Chicago is rough.


Photo Bill Hagglund (we were going to take a pic of me but this faerie appeared instead, Bill was lucky enough to get a couple shots in.)

In fact my whole interest in creating botanical perfumes comes from my faerie cravings.  It is a way for me to bring the earth inside with me, and around with me in my urban life.  Those essences created of plant and other earth matter radiate vibrant earth energy.  Not only do they smell good, but they are powerful. ( Look at the fast rising interest in aromatherapy – it’s cuz it works!)

My fey blood also gives me an irrisistable thirst for creating and playing.  And an even more powerful thirst for freedom.  Mostly, the whole fey thing has been very healing in a spiritual way.  Acknowledging my wild self has opened a door to a beautiful, magical world in what often feels to me like a rigidly, unwholesome, corporate prison.  I continue to deepen my connection to this part of me and move more towards freedom and wholeness.

Perhaps you are starting to recognize your own fey nature? Perhaps you’d like a faerie meet-up? It is actually quite easy to connect with a faerie.  You can build a little house in your garden or inside your home.  Leave little gifts for them – cheese, whiskey, nuts are favorite faerie fare.  Or just sit or walk in nature, and invite them to visit you.  You may not see them directly, perhaps a fleeting glimpse out of the corner of your eye.  Perhaps you’ll hear just a hint of a whisper of them through the wind in the trees.

Mostly you can feel them.  Luxuriate in their presence.  And you can politely ask them for help.  Like, “Please faerie,  clear out the cobwebs in my shoulder, or clear a path in my confused human brain that I may see and hear better my inner vision/guidance.”  But don’t let them boss you around!!!  It’s not advisable to be faerie-led.  Remember to do kind things for the earth in their honor as a thank you.  Pick up some trash, plant a tree or flower…

And there is a live faerie community you can connect with also.  Satiate your curiosity with  festivals, study, and all sorts of fun things. Here’s some ways to get connected:

David Spangler communes quite a bit with subtle beings including faeries.  He was involved with The Findhorn Gardens.  His organization is Lorian.  He knows all about subtle beings.  I’ve taken a class with him.  Really great.  Currently I am re-reading his book, Subtle Worlds: An Explorer’s Field Guide.

Maybe you’ll travel to Scotland and visit Findhorn.  Pack me in your suitcase for this adventure, pretty please.

Faerie festivals include the Maryland Festival, which I”m going to next week!  Hope I’ll have some exciting news and photos to share.

Also the glamorous Faerie Worlds Festival organized by the Froud clan.  With live music and artists everywhere.

Other Festivals include New York Faerie Festival, Sproutwood Farm Faerie Festival, and Virginia Faerie Festival.

Finally there is the gentle Faerie festival in Portland.  The Fairy Congress, where there are lots faerie loving activities and informative workshops.

And there are tons of books!

So, are you a faerie?  What else would you like to know about faeries?  Do you have any photos to share?  Sightings to report?

doreen the wood nymph

Thanks so much for reading



June 3, 2015

I went on a bliss walk looking for you today.

Smelling you before I saw you.

Some 15 feet away!  Peonies!  Quel silage!

Thick and sweet.  Just shy of cloying.  A bit of citrus, only a hint of the sweetest citrus blossom.  A shy hint.

Mostly pure floral.  A very sweet grandma smell.

I brush my cheek against you, sweet peony, in an almost air kiss and inhale you more.  You are so soft to my skin, as only a lady of a certain age is.  The smell is a bit earthier, still so floral.

How I see the youth in you, your bright effervescence.  You approving smile and reassuring applause.  But your ripeness too, dear peony.  That confident, floral silage of love and nurturance.  Big Beads and glittery jewels.  And always your magnificent scent.

Treasuring them both.

How like my grandmothers you are.  So beautiful in your jovial sparkle, yet also so full and ripe and properly floral.  How grateful I am for your presence each year.  My grandmothers are no longer physically here yet I feel them through your sweet, joyful, soft presence.

I went on a bliss walk today…


Chicago alley transformed to country lane with peonies…

Hey Gentle Reader  – what sort of flowers are your grandmas?

Free Circus/Performance Idea


Here is an idea you can use for a performance.  Let me know if you use it and and I’ll help support and promote it!

Fancy Victorian Lady (a contortion piece with audience participation)

A women wanders on stage in Victorian dress. White lace and flowers abound. She is mumbling.

Center stage she removes her enormous hat. Table legs emerge/unfold from underneath. The top becomes a tea table. With a vase a teapot, cups and saucer, etc. Her skirt bustle opens out into a bench. She mumbles as she sets out tea for two.

She invites two members from the audience up for tea. (They need chairs.) She leaves and they have tea. From the audience she directs them in a complicated victorian conversation through movements and gestures. This is a thing!


 Maybe an overhead projection can be employed. For example – stir your tea vigorously to signify disapproval, more gently to signify approval. Maybe the couple hook up. They are dismissed with applause.

Victorian lady returns happily to her table and proceeds to have tea. A bug alights on the table. She is highly disturbed and begins to wriggle and writhe.

Her costume comes off in layers, shedding of skin and underneath is a bug like body suit. Pulsing music. This is the start of her contortion act.


Please feel free to comment or share your own idea!



Aerialist Laura Lippert 

What if If all the chairs were gone from the cities? We’d all head out to the countryside and walk. Some of us would hike through dusty, red dessert terrain.  Others would walk the beach.  Large oak canopies would shelter some, and others would hack their way through thick, lush jungle vegetation. Things would smell good there.

Eventually we’d get tired and lay down on the earth.  This would feel especially nice.  Soaking up the earth energy.  Some of us would just lay there.  Or we might wave our arms in the air like a dance and use our hands like puppets to make silly plays.  The writers would roll on their stomachs and write.

Aerialists might get bored though and they’d have to hang trapeze and such from the trees where they would dangle from one toe in the air above the rest.  Gardeners would find little seedlings and attend to them. images-1

Aerialist Laura Lippert 

With all this rolling around and hanging from trees and such we’d forget all about the money system and move to a barter system and the slave master federal reserve would simply vanish.

Poof!  There would be a small puff of pink smoke and it would be gone. People might barely notice.  Hooray!

Well, a girl can dream, can’t she?

Oh, a question for you, gentle reader- What color puff would you like to see the federal reserve bank vanish into?


Special thanks Laura Lippert for the images.  You should really check out her site here.  As well as the chair – she hangs by her hair!  And if you have a chance to see her live – Don’t miss it.