Yours Truly

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Welcome, friend! I’m Doreen Stelton.  A creator of perfumes, writer, yogini, and faerie chaser.  Creative process, oddites, mysticism, and whimsy mingle in cohesive chaos and birth.  I’m passionate about people, artistic expression, nature, and the imaginal realm.  Listening for that little wild voice inside…


Botanical Perfume

I’ve got a line of all-natural, botanic fragrances.  My perfumes are an artistic expression in scent inspired from nature, enchanted creatures,  and things that I love.  All-natural fragrances unite my diverse loves, beautiful in its complexities.  I invite you to visit my Botanical Perfume page for more information about my perfumes.

Or just go straight to my Etsy store by clicking here:

 verdant faerie Perfume

Antiquities Shop

I have a little shop on Etsy, where you’ll find treasures curated by my globe trotting parents, Deb and Bob Stelton and their travel buddies.  Read a bit more about the store on the Lost Antiquities Found Shop page

Or visit  Lost Antiquities Found on Etsy for vintage, original, art and textiles.

Verdant Yoga

“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.” ~The Bagavad Gita.  Let’s travel together for a time.  More about my style, schedule, and rates on my Verdant Yoga Page.

Words Words Words

I write about things I love and the crazy shit I think about.  I’m hoping these thoughts  will usher magic, beauty, and sparkle into the world.  And mayhap my from sharing these musings, you’ll gather inspiration.

And so, writing is also a practice of self transformation and evolution deepening my journey.  Following that wee, wild, faerie voice inside of me down a twist path through a verdant wood.  A path of self expression and liberation.

Things I write about- Scent, Nature, People and Animals, Creativity, Mysticism, Inspiration, Liberation and Faeries.


As a child of artist and anthropologist/archeologist/artist teachers, passionate about travel, I grew up surrounded by art, books, and treasures from our many travels.  I must have been a gypsy in many lives to have been born into this family!  My professional life has been devoted to the arts, particularly theatre, and I have remained a seeker of knowledge and enlightenment from earliest curiosities, where these interests and activities mash.

I am a mother.   An amazing young man in his 20’s who has flown the nest, and a fluffy baby dog, Missy, shape my life deeply.

Besides sniffin’ things and lolling about in nature faerie hunting whenever possible, I pursue healthy, natural food (seeking Bulletproof) and transformational thinking & meditation.  My beloved hobbies are aerial silks, theater, and listening to esoteric and conspiracy podcasts…

sling goddess.jpg

Feel free to contact me at

or comment here through the form below.



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