Beauty For 2017!

… In January of 2016 I foreclosed on my underwater condo in Chicago and went Free Range Faerie. I quit my jobs and hit the road with my 9 year old pup, Missy. It was not clearly planned and was a most definitely ill-advised life move. Frankly it was f*g reckless and irresponsible… read more!


Happy New Year!

New Year’s Eve finds me pausing for a moment with my bulletproof coffee loving my 2017 engagement calendar.  All those clean empty pages.  A year of possibility with opportunity for beauty.  Sprinkle that faerie dust round.  Happy New Year, one and all!

My Ill-Advised Life

In January of 2016 I foreclosed on my underwater condo in Chicago and went free range faerie.  I quit my jobs and hit the road with my 9 year old pup, Missy.   It was not clearly planned and was a most definitely ill-advised life move.  Frankly it was fucking reckless and irresponsible.  Two years prior another reckless action, leaving an underpaying exhausting job of 17 years which left me even more financially unstable.  But I was compelled to shout “NO” to my prior unsatisfying life.

My intention was to free myself from this life that was not personally satisfying. To peel away layers of internal crap; exhaustion, bitternesses, urban and job induced stresses to indulge in the beauty my soul craved.   To know myself again and/or better.  Seeking a new location in a more beautiful or rural setting.  To remake myself as a faeriepreneur  with a way to support myself as my own boss.

My life unravelled and got unmistakably got messy.  I bravely resisted the negative mantra of “What the fuck am I doing???”  Support from kindly people, without who’s help I could not have done it, surfaced.  I learned to let myself release to this support, my mess, and waited for ME to reform and emerge.  I practiced faerieshamanism and magic, wrote, made perfume, hunted down faerie people and places, and grooved in nature.

This experiment was to last 3-6 months.  Then I’d prolly just get an apartment in Chicago and stuff.  It is coming up on a year this January and I’m still essentially homeless, or as I prefer to say, “nomadic” (it’s all in the attitude ya’ll!).  Ha!

What Next, Free Range Faerie?

During this madly ill-advised adventure I explored a lot of ideas of what to do with myself, always returning to the message and mission of beauty amidst chaos.   And of personal liberation through beauty, truth, and the imaginal realm.  I’m happy to report my soul is refreshed and I’m coming “home” to me.  I feel ready to contribute and collaborate. To set up a home-base again.

My favorite passion project of 2016 was launching my wee perfume line verdant faerie fragrances.  I completed my certification course (though I still have much to learn) and set up temp studios in the various places I stayed.  Perfume supplies were shipped to a variety of locations – Maryland, Hawaii, Canada, Chicago.  I’m excited to take it to the next level in 2017 with improved packaging and perfume blends.  Expanding my knowledge and expertise.  I’m looking forward to establishing a sweet home perfumery of my own in the first quarter of 2017.

I also rediscovered my love of writing and the location freedom it can provide.  As a young girl writing was shoved into my shadow self.  But it keeps seeking the sun!  So I hope to do more of that there writing stuff, perhaps combined it with my perfume.  Ideas are germinating…

One thing I truly missed was a consistent yoga and circus practice and community.  (Well community in general, for it’s hard to keep this going on the road.  Yet one does finds new communities.)  But I really missed the sparkle and comradery of those worlds – physical exploration with expression and soul.  So I’m planning to revisit that in 2017.

Oh, and once I get settled again I also hope to establish regular contribution to a social cause…


As I reestablish myself in 2017 I’ll admit to a certain degree of inner terror.  I have some undeniable challenges ahead.  Can I even pull this off?  And I do so love my freedom!  But mostly I think I got this.  I’ll establish a lovely home base to travel from and I have my mission ~BEAUTY & LIBERATION~ and together we will not be denied!

All the best to you and yours in 2017!

Here’s a verdant barn in Three Oaks Michigan from my recent travels… just cause it’s pretty…




Author: Doreen

Purveyor of beauty and the imaginal realm. I write, blend botanical perfume, spend countless hours in nature, travel, chase faeries, and enjoy artistic expression. An avid meditator and yogini seeking conscious liberation.

16 thoughts on “Beauty For 2017!”

  1. You have been very brave! I have heard it said that as long as we keep focused upon our heart’s desire, it will come to be. You have seen some amazing places, created much beauty and inspired many people, including me! 🙂 Wishing you the best of luck and love in 2017. I have a feeling it’s going to be a good year…

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    1. Thank you Christine! I agree – focus on the heart’s desire and it arrives. I’m so happy to be an inspiration. I do wish the same to you in 2017. I have a good feeling about it too. And it’s all in our attitude!

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  2. How wonderful to have a year off the beaten path! What a gift to yourself and to US, your faerie kin. As long as you have your sights set on beauty and liberation you can’t go wrong. Wishing you a splendid and productive 2017 xo

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    1. It has been a true gift. I’m a bit spoiled now. But having peeled away so many layers am also refreshed and ready to go! Thank you for you support and a same wishes for your new year. Splendid and Productive! Perfect word choice!


  3. I am so proud of you for going after your heart no matter the risk. It is brave and magical in its own right. I hope this year brings you new adventures, success in fragrance and more joy than you can handle. Cheers! ❤

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    1. Thank you, Julie! I have treasured our shared journey this past year! You are inspiring. Wishes to you and your delightful family for a wonderful year filled with the sweet and beautiful things of life.


    1. Thanks so much! Things are moving fast as they sometimes do! I’m signing a lease tomorrow and have a new little job. I’ll be living in the small town of Three Oaks in Michigan which is a huge switch up from before. Should be fun!

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  4. Well done on liberating yourself and starting your own perfume business. That is so inspiring. Wow. I think what you have done is awesome. Its only when we facilitate that change then it can happen and you have done. Just keep enjoying the ride and focusing on the outcome you want. I am just practicing the art of detachment from my goals at the moment and being more in the now and I am seeing some great experiences manifesting again as a result.

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    1. Thank you for your supportive words. I have so many things I want to do and am forever shooting high. Sometimes it’s so good to hear validation that I am moving onwards. I love the idea of detachment from goals. I need to do that about now. How do you practice this? My goals are stressing me out! I’ve been leaning into sigil magic and self love. Also letting go. But then it seems nothing gets done.

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      1. Hi Doreen, yes I am the same too. It is a good way to live. Yes it is nice to hear that validation as it reassures us that we are on right track.
        I have been practicing detachment. There is simple formula I use. Firstly know what you want to achieve and ask the universe for it. The fill all the specifics it. I made vision board and divided it into business, relationships, contribution, spirituality, holidays, well being and other. I look for pics that represent my goals and stick images up on my vision board. In sight in mind. I have fun doing this.

        I then write in my journal about it all as if I already have it and I read it a loud every night. I will do this for about two months so it’s clear in my head what my goal looks like. I then put the journal aside and practice detachment. This means instead of wondering when or how I hand it over to the universe and focus on doing more of what I love i.e my hobbies etc and be in the now..enjoying the unfolding. I also say to the universe I give it all up to you now to bring it to me.
        If my mind starts to wander to future or how it’s going to happen I just pull it back to now an ensure I am finding enjoyment and gratitude in what I am doing in the present moment.
        Finally I practice meditation every day to help me detach even more and keep me connected to my higher self. It’s in those moments when my mind is quiet that I am not attached to any outcomes.

        Of course I still keep taking steps each day to bring my goals into fruition as this makes me feel more confident and happy. it puts you on the frequency to receive them. However some times those steps i take may lead to brick wall or challenge. And I used to keep going and doing the same thing over again. Determined that was how I was going to achieve xyz. However that approach I soon realized didn’t give room for any other ways to come in to help me get there so I changed tactics and handed it over to the universe to show me the best way forward. Since then I don’t wonder how I am going to get there anymore as I know the universe always shows me the easiest way and guaranteed another way is always shown to me then. I just follow the signs, explore them in full and if right for me go for it. It just all unfolds naturally then. I hope that this helps.

        I think when people say let go it doesn’t mean do nothing at all. It’s okay to take the steps as it makes life more interesting and fun. I think it means let go of the how its going to happen. For example we say we are going earn xyz from xyz however universe knows its going to be easier to receive that money another way. So now I just ask for what I want and say I am open to all ways of receiving this according to my highest good. This is detachment because you leave the universe to bring you the best way then. And then you just take action on the way that is shown.
        Have a lovely day and thanks for replying.


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