Happy Solstice

The return of light, may yours sparkle and delight!



The return of light, may yours sparkle and delight!

My sincerest wish that you shine your inner light on your dreams and your unique beauty.  Let the rest stay in the darkness…  Bring forth your beauty!

Here’s a free range faerie location update.  Missy and I have been in a little cottage in Michigan where we are staying for three months!  It is the longest we have stayed anywhere since last February.  We love it.

We go for long nearly daily walks in nearby Grand Mere State Park.  Exploring trails trekking up and down the sandy dunes on Lake Michigan’s waterfront.  Several varieties of Oaks and plenty of of deer and some foxes.  We’ve watched it changed from peak fall to deep winter. Beauty and quiet.  I feel full with it.

I’ve also been quite busy with seasonal markets in nearby Chicago, so haven’t been on here blogging quite as much.  It’s been great introducing folks to verdant faerie fragrances and reading the amazing Mermaid Oracle deck for them.

Here are some recent pics of our life…








Shine on you crazy darlings!


Author: Doreen

Purveyor of beauty and the imaginal realm. I write, blend botanical perfume, spend countless hours in nature, travel, chase faeries, and enjoy artistic expression. An avid meditator and yogini seeking conscious liberation.

8 thoughts on “Happy Solstice”

  1. Happy solstice Doreen! What a truly magical journey you are on. The winter beauty of nature you have gifted me through photos has been a joy to the eyes and heart. I hope your Yule is merry and bright. Thank you for a lovely year of friendship. Cheers!

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    1. Dearest Julie! Happy Solstice to you, beautiful soul! I am so happy to have you as a friend in this cyber wonderland where we can carve out our niche of beauty and love and all good sniffy things. Peace and joy to you and your sweet family. xo


  2. It is gorgeous, Doreen! Michigan is a beautiful place, I love Mackinaw and the UP. I would love to just go up there, hibernate and write books all winter long 🙂 If you have gotten down to Chicago you know we are in the c-c-cold! And snow.

    A very blessed Yuletide to you my friend!! 🙂

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    1. Ahhh – I hope some day you will be able to pursue this dream! You have such a talent. I can see you there, spinning magical yarns looking out over the snowy landscape. Maybe a sabbatical? Fingers crossed! xoxoxo

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