Wildness for a New Year

Samhain Faerie Court


Brew a witches witchy brew
Sing a wizards wildy tune
Don’t hold tight or try to fight
Just let yourself be wild tonight.
~ Doreen Stelton


On Samhain, or Halloween,  during the transition into the dark time of winter, the veils between our waking “real” world and that other world, including the faerie world are at their thinnest making it all the more possible to connect with ancestors and the faerie realm.  It’s traditionally a time to let go and venture into that wildness.  Light a candle, try on a costume, venture into the darkness, explore…

New Year begins on November 1st in the Celtic calendar, the day after this wild, veil-thin night.  Seems a perfect time to dream up our futures.  Map out the year in quarters in keeping with the Celtic Wheel.


As for me, I think I’ll anoint myself with some Frankincense and Sandalwood and go on a faerie journey.  Let the scent transport me.  Or maybe I’ll get a hold of some Oud, AKA Agarwood, which is super powerful to get you to the other realm.

Here is the most respected source of the pure Oud oil I know:

Rising Phoenix Perfume has an aged leathery, incense, smokey, chocolate Malaysian distillation.  Vintage 2006 – Kayu Penyulingan Vintaj – Malaysian Oud   – Dehn al Oud.  Just the pure stuff, no carrier oil or fake stuff.  Check it out, get your meditation on, and let me know what you think!

In the meantime, Missy will be waiting for the great pumpkin…


And waiting…


and waiting…


Enchanted Samhain Everyone!  Happy Celtic New Year!

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