Synchronistic Dragon Sightings

It is still the time of the dragon. Synchronistic unfoldment. Breathe in something spicy, fiery, and sweet. Exhale deeply.

It is still the time of the dragon.  Synchronistic unfoldment.  The new moon is Friday – let the fire drake clear space for the new.  Do some nice yogic twists and exhale deeply.  Burn through those things that no longer serve.

Some dragon sightings include;

Fire drake appears in a card reading


Exotic photos a friend sends captioned as gargoyles (dragons)


And posts about dragons- Dragons In Treesby Friendly Fairy Tales

There were more that slip my mind at present.

Here’s how to consort with a fire drake in meditation.

Get a spicy, smokey perfume blend going on.   I made one of cassia (cinnamon), clove, frankincense, patchouli, benzoin, rose, and several oranges.  It came out lovely, though a little too much cinnamon.  I wished I had some actual Dragon’s Blood resin.  And something super smokey.  Next time.

Moving on – light a candle and anoint yourself.


Get sovereign, centered and grounded.  Breath deep.  Relax.  In your mind’s eye go to an ancient circle of standing stones.  There is a faerie mound in the center.  Go inside, down a long stairwell.  Down down down.  Revealed is a chamber with a simple altar.  Lie down and let yourself be transported to a meadow of summer flowers.

IMG_2454  IMG_2450The sun is at it’s highest, and it’s heat intensifies the flower’s scent.  Lemony-spicy Bee Balm.

IMG_2361Tall grasses.  Fiery, peppery Black Eyed Susans and Ecinacea.


The meadow hums with bumble bees and a fly whizzes close by.  Butterflies flutter.  Heat drowsiness ensues.  From the waves of heat is a materialization, a fire drake.


Okay, okay, it’s Missy…

Back to the meditation.

You may speak, beseech it to burn through stuck places of your psyche.  Perhaps even open your eyes and name the stuck things one at a time and burn a toothpick for each one.  (Keep a glass of water handy to toss the toothpicks in.)


When  you are satisfied, thank the dragon and return to the alter.  Exit from the mound the same way you entered.  Stretch and breath.  Exhale deeply

Author: Doreen

Purveyor of beauty and the imaginal realm. I write, blend botanical perfume, spend countless hours in nature, travel, chase faeries, and enjoy artistic expression. An avid meditator and yogini seeking conscious liberation.

14 thoughts on “Synchronistic Dragon Sightings”

    1. Thank you for loving the dragon. the fire was at my brother Nates. The little girl is about 6, it was her first outdoor fire and she really took to it. It was insuring to watch her interaction and how naturally it came to her. Missy sends her love as do I.


  1. Dragon, huh? No wonder it’s been so hot this August! He’s the one spouting all his fire and heat relentlessly around my house. Me not like this fire drake dude.

    Ah, but today is so much better (new moon?). Seems like Sir Drake is off elsewhere with his fiery brew. *whew*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Summer in Spain… The dragon. Is there a sort of dragon in Spain, besides the heat? Hope the new moon brings a touch of coolness. But not too much. I think it’s supposed to be hot there. Helps you to take it easy…


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